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FASP. S.r.l. Was founded in 1970 as an individual firm and as a result of market expansion it became a company in 1978. In 1990 FASP transferred to an 8,000 square metre site in Gussago (BS)   of which 3400 were covered.

In June 2016, the new headquarters in Brescia was inaugurated in Via Conicchio 30, with a total area of 22,000 square meters, of which 6,500 ca. are covered, together with a name change to FASP AUTOMOTIVE SEATS SRL .The new space available allows a better organization of the production flow and allows the company to adjust to the volume growth of recent years, and ensures that the trend of growth in appropriate environments continues.

The company is currently comprised of approximately 40 employees with a 2016 turnover of close to 9 million euros and served by productive and diverse partnerships that allow, if necessary, substantial increases in production.

Nevertheless, the current ownership has decided to reinvest part of the company’s profits to enhance the carpentry division by providing it with a state-of-the-art laser cutting station making it possible to carry out special machining at the highest quality level.

Since the initial supply to various industries; leisure vehicles, emergency vehicles( ambulances, disabled people, firefighting vehicles…), rail, nautical, electric cars, racing and contract, FASP Srl has been able to manufacture complete seats starting from the processing of the tubes, for the production of the frame, to the assembly of the finished product.

Our wide range of products, tested and improved over time, are used in the transformation and adaptability of our seats to any type of vehicle or transport in general, enabling improved growth  on the domestic market.

At the same time,  current production technology, the continuous search for quality products and the collaboration of highly specialized personnel have allowed us to enter international markets where production guarantees are required in line with the most stringent of international regulations.

In fact, our production is currently destined for over 50% in European and non-European markets.

Our Sectors

  • Ambulance and vehicles for transporting the disabled
  • Camper and Motorhome manufacturers
  • Urban bus and school bus manufacturers
  • Micro car manufacturers
  • Fire fighting vehicles/ specialist vehicle manufacturers
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Rail Manufacturers
  • Aereonautical Mnaufacturers
  • Shipbuilding

Distinctive Productions

  • Automotive / racing and electrical vehicle  upholstery
  • Passenger rail transportation ,train driver and assistant driver seat upholstery
  • Nautical and Pilot   upholstery
  • Aereonautical and passenger trasnportation upholstery
  • Cable car upholstery
  • Ambulances and firefighting vehicle upholstery
  • Designer seats

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