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Craftsmanship, design and quality of Made in Italy products are well known all over the world, but in order to maintain these characteristics of excellence in industrial production , state-of-the-art technology and highly specialized staff are vital . FASP pays great attention to this important aspect and has been investing regularly in cutting edge technology, equipping its departments with machinery which reduces ,to almost zero, the chance of human error. Our entire staff are constantly trained and monitored, so that we can be sure to offer our clients a high-quality product associated with the typical Italian style.

Dynamic testing benches for seats

Designing, building, assembling and saddling a chair is a complex process that cannot be concluded without the required dynamic tests validating its commissioning .For this reason FASP has been equipped with a state-of-the-art bench station for dynamic static and pull-off testing with all being carried out in line with industry regulations including all R14 and R17 with the exception of the sled launch. All our seats are tested in conformity with the various classes ranging from M1 to N2.

Quality Control

Most of our products are to be used in sectors such as rail or automotive, which call for an intensive use of the seats and for this reason the final quality control check represents the concentration of attention given to our products and therefore to the end user.

Showroom and Meeting Room

A strong point of our production is the ability to acknowledge the changes and new trends in style in our markets and that is why we have a showroom and a modern meeting room ready to welcome our clients and their suggestions, thanks to which we are able to constantly update our products.

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