Passenger seats for both interregional and high speed trains

FASP’s ability to design and build custom seats, suitable to be incorporated into complex vehicles such as the train cabs, has allowed us to be identified as panel partners of some of the nation’s leading and international “Staff Area” seat producers for the railway sector. The strict security regulations adopted by this industry have led FASP to invest considerable financial resources to equip our products with certified materials in line with even the most rigid regulations such as EN 45545 R21 HL1-2-3. Every type of seat including “Conductor” , “Assistant Engine Driver” and “Engine Driver” are constructed in accordance with UIC 566 standards 2.3.1 or 2.3.2 and NF F31 119.

The availability of particular machinery at FASP such as metal laser cutting, high tonnage bending presses, bending stations and tube transformation etc also allow us to specially implement medium / heavy woodwork to be used in the furnishing of the carriages.FASP is currently studying new forms of ergonomics for the construction of passenger compartment seats, both for interregional and high-speed trains.

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