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A leader in the production of both driver and passenger seats

From the very beginning ,in the 1970’s, FASP has distinguished itself as one of the highest qualified specialists in the sector and today , thanks to continuous research for the most suitable materials and investment in modern equipment and machinery with robotic cells, the company has the ability to produce various types of seats for the cockpit and a wide range of bench seats and transformable beds. Every one of our seats is tested and conforms to the various classes ranging from N1 to M2  and FASP has a state-of-the-art station for dynamic static and pull-off testing that allows the verification of industry regulations including all R14 and R17 with the exception of the sled launch. Having always been producers of swivel seats for both the driver and passengers we are currently recognized as one of the industry leaders for this specific product,that over the years, has been increasingly perfected by optimizing weight and functionality.


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