Our company

A lengthy history of research into highly advanced products with production guarantees in line with international standards.

Our Industry

Cutting edge technology and highly qualified staff

Quality Italian craftsmanship

A product born with the collaboration of qualified personnel

Campers and Motorhomes

A leader in the production of both driver and passenger seats


Passenger seats for both interregional and high speed trains

Racing and Automotive Components

Specialisation in the production of metallic tubular frames for racing car seats

Ambulances and Transportation for the Disabled

Technologically advanced products for safe transportation and rescue


Extensive research and attention into materials and aesthetic value of Made in Italy

Specialist Vehicles

Research and study in order to meet every demand from the market

Firefighting Vehicles

Seats that allow maximum mobility and speed during intervention


Achievements in the fields of both conventional and ultralight avionics and helicopters

Contract and Furnishing

Diversification of goods and services offered

For further information or if you have any doubts please contact us

We are available to provide any information regarding our products

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